Ethel | Property Developments || The nexus of opportunity & vision

Ethel | Property development & Investment || Nexus of opportunity and Vision

It has been rather a while since a post has been shared on our travel blog. There is still a pending sailing video of my Atlantic crossing on a 10 meter catamaran. Which was indeed very interesting. Both Piera and I have stopped travelling and have been living and working in Santiago de Chile. This has been a new travel experience for me, as I still feel like I am travelling, everyday is a new and unique living in a foreign country. My time here is coming to an end and new journeys are on their way. I would like to share what I have been working on recently which is a property investment and development firm, called Ethel ltd. I will be commencing a Masters of Property and Development in Sydney, Australia. The ultimate aim of this company and its projects is to rethink the way properties are developed and built, on the notion that sustainability needs to be incorporated into everyday life right down to the house or apartment that one dwells in. We believe properties can, should and need to be built and developed in a more sustainable manner, from material use to resource consumption. More on our vision can be found at . The past year in Chile has been the new travelling experience, one of a more foreign urban living type. Perception of travel is subjective to what one perceives to be travel.


Sailing |Barcelona | Canarias

In recent months I was lucky enough to find the opportunity to volunteer as a crew member on a yacht sailing from Barcelona to Gibraltar to the Canary  Islands. It was an  amazing trip, much was learnt in these months on Blue Jade. Thanks to Martin for the opportunity. This is how I documented the experience.

Annapurna Trekking

Un fabuloso viaje por los Himalayas de aproximadamente 16 días fue mucho mas que un trekking en las montañas de Nepal, fue un paseo que nos permitió conocer cómo vive la gente y adentrarnos mas en su cultura. Un viaje super económico, fácil de hacer y super enriquecedor. La altura de las montañas que vimos estuvieron entre los 7000 y 8000 mts. La cumbre mas alta fue Annapurna I con 8061 mts y el punto mas alto que uno alcanza es de 5400 mts aprox.

Motívense y hagánlo alguna vez en su vida!





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