People of Lampung.

The past few days we have been riding around on our scooter taking pictures of people and seeing how they live their lives here, we were greeted with smiles around every corner. Tourism is next to non-existent here, so people are constantly staring at us with curiosity and approaching us with “hello mister” and coming for a small chat and a sneaky photo with us.

Estos dias en ujung bocur han sido espectaculares, hemos salido a dar vueltas en nuestra moto scooter para tratar de explorar un poco mas el lugar y el estilo de vida de las personas en esta parte del mundo. Sólo sonrisas han aparecido en cada lugar. El turismo acá es casi inexsistente, por lo mismo la gente esta constantemente mirándonos con curiosidad y saludándonos con un “Hello Mister”, muchos de ellos se acercan y nos piden fotos y algunos tiene un pequeño chat en ingles. Acá un poco de fotos de lo que hemos visto.





4 thoughts on “People of Lampung.

  1. buenisimas fotos!

  2. Karen Cazemier

    Great to see the wonderful photos of the people, enjoyed seeing what its like in that area nice shots. Thanks for showing

  3. Wicked you two! I noticed sunglasses distinguish you guys from the locals haha – little things aye. Love to you both from the cottage!

  4. Great photo’s – looks and sounds great – maybe we should re-think our Bali resort plans and head to where tourists don’t go – Jan and Stu

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