Surfing South Sumatra

After 24 hours of planes, transfers and stop overs from Sydney, I finally made it to Ujung Bocur meeting Piera on the way in Jakarta. Ujung Bocur is in the south of Sumatra and is some what in the middle of nowhere, From a short plane ride from Jakarta to Bandar Lampung we jumped in our drivers car and drove through the jungle and over a large mountain for 9 hours (usually it only takes 5 and half hours), not sure what happened to our driver. Ujung Bocur is a quiet little village and home to nice long left-hand reef break, just down the road there is Mandiri Beach, which has barrels basically every morning and is super consistent. We have found a lovely place to stay and have our own little bungalow with prime viewing of the main point from our deck and it’s only 17 dollars a day, with three delicious meals included, not to mention the lovely cook. Its called Karang best surf camp, for if you ever come down these ways. Days are filled with surfing, diving and general exploring, it will probably continue like this for the next week.ImageImageImageImageImageImage


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